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Walter Construction,LLC and its affiliated companies have been providing professional construction, roofing, and Hail Restoration services in the Denver Metro area for almost 3 decades!  We specialize in both insurance claim management and residential and commercial construction projects including roofing repairs/replacements from damage sustained by Hail, Wind, Tornadoes, and other catastrophic events.

When opening an insurance claim, it is very important to have knowledgeable and experienced professionals on your

side to help you open the claim, document the damage, coordinate all of the different phases of the construction project including but not limited to assembling the information, pulling the required permits, completing the scopes of work, invoicing, scheduling, and collecting payments to pay the various tradesmen, vendors, and suppliers. 


Sometimes the biggest challenges to filing, managing, and completing a claim and having your repairs done are getting the scope of work for the damages that have occurred during the storm complete and correct.  Sometimes when dealing with overworked insurance companies "independent" adjusters, who are many times completing up to 10 inspections in a single day, things can get overlooked, missed, "forgotten", and/or undervalued.

In those cases, it is important to get those items identified, accounted for, and corrected, so in the event you ever sell your house or building and those items are identified on a property inspection as broken or in need of repair or replacement that you aren't stuck having to pay for them out of pocket when they should have been covered by the insurance claim for the covered loss that you sustained during your specific catastrophe.


Not in all, but in many instances, we have found that the insurance companies initial estimates for repairs have been incomplete/inaccurate in both size, scope, and value to repair the properties back to their pre-storm condition. ​We have dedicated ourselves to creating a very systematic approach of documentation and accountability from beginning to end of every construction project, whether it is part of a covered insurance claim or a customer paid construction project.

Accuracy is the most important aspect of any construction project and/or insurance related restoration project.

Education and Experience

Our Project Managers have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education classes, webinars, seminars, and training in an effort to have the latest and most accurate information available while helping you with your construction projects and insurance claims.  Combined with 30+ years of experience, Walter Construction is very well equipped to help you at managing all of the variables of getting your claim and construction project completed as professionally and efficiently as possible. We strive to provide excellent service and resolve even the most comprehensive claims with time proven documentation and accountability systems and integrity.


Through our years of knowledge and experience, we help protect your interests in any claim damage disputes by carefully documenting all damage and communications with you and your insurance company.  Should it become necessary, we have long term relationships with some of the largest and most experienced PA's (Public Adjusters and  Law Firms in the United States.

We work with some of the best tradesmen in the industry for:








We work on ALL Commercial Structures -

Apartments/Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, Strip Centers, Free Standing Businesses,

Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, etc.

We work on ALL Residential Structures -
All Single Family Homes, Outbuildings, Barns, Silos, Storage Facilities, etc.

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