Walter Construction specializes in managing the insurance claims process. We will restore your property(s) that have been damaged due to high winds and/or hail back to their original pre-storm condition.

From beginning to end, we handle everything from single family owner occupied properties, rental properties, apartment buildings or complexes, condo complexes, commercial, industrial, HOA's, and large loss complex flat roofing.

We have references to handle the more difficult and challenging insurance claims should the need arise.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the storm restoration process and insurance claims management.

We work hard with the insurance companies, so you don't have to.

We handle all the paperwork and in most cases the only expense to you, the business or homeowner, is your deductible.

(It is illegal for any contractor to pay for, rebate, discount, or in any way reduce your deductible, and is considered insurance fraud Stay away from ANY company who is offering to do these things.  They and you will be breaking the law if you do so)

We do free insurance claims evaluations and analysis.

Unfortunately, you can't always trust your insurance companies estimate.  Sometimes mistakes/oversights are made, and sometimes it's just good old loss mitigation.  In these storm scenarios, if an insurance company can save $1,000 per claim times 100,000+++ claims, it adds up to a LOT of money back in their pockets.  Don't forget, as nice as your insurance companies adjusters may be to you, those adjusters works solely for them, and many times with their best interests in mind.

We work solely for you and have licensed adjusters on hand to evaluate your claim and protect your interest.

Because of the very technical nature of the insurance claims business, many times other roofing contractors do not properly photograph, document/report and submit ALL of the proper documentation and information to recover the full amount of what is owed under your policy provisions.  Many times we find missed damages, missed roofing components, missed painting and a multitude of missed and/or underpaid construction items. 

***  You should be aware that while most insurance companies have good intentions, many adjusters do not include code upgrades, HOA required repairs/upgrades, or specialty roofing requirements that in many cases are necessary to properly complete your project.

We work with all major insurance companies, and in most cases, Walter Construction has good working relationships with many of the major insurance companies that we have worked with over the years.

We are able to write our own estimates using the industry standard software the insurance companies use to make sure you are getting all the monies you deserve to properly complete your project.

Our system is designed to minimize your future liability by carefully documenting and storing your claim information for future use and proof of damages and repairs!

We do ALL of this for you at no additional charge to you

All we ask is that you refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors,

so that we can serve them as we have served you....
with professionalism and integrity!